Create Client Site

Create Site from Base

These instructions should work for creating a new site for a client.  Following these instructions will create a theme that borrows its functionality and code from a base theme; this enables us to make changes to the base theme and have it “cloned” down to all child themes almost instantly.

  1. Create TEMP site based off of (do not build on tcheetah01 which is the server it resides on)
  2. Login to created site
  3. Go to Appearance > Themes and Activate the parent theme that was selected by the client
  4. Go to Appearance > Child Theme and create a child theme which is based off the base
    • Theme Name = Clients Site Name
    • Description = Include date of creation and any other relevant information
    • Author = Digital Cheetah Solutions
  5. Ensure the child theme was automatically activated.
  6. Go to Appearance > Customize and change the parameters as agreed to by the client.  If there is a very specific color scheme required by the client; let a designer know.  It will be beneficial to hard code it as a Palette option selectable on the customize screen
    • IN PROGRESS: A demo account can be created using the Users > Add New page.  Assign the “test” user the role of demo; from there they can go to and view the customize options if needed.
  7. Settings > General : update WordPress Address and Site Address fields to use secure connection (https://)
  8. The site is now ready for content and other variables as traditionally set.

Prepare Site for Go-Live