Latina Empowerment Scholarship

In 2023, HWNT proudly implemented the Latina Empowerment Scholarship in partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka.  The scholarship focuses on professional and leadership development and promotes HWNT’s objective of public, corporate, and civic engagement.

Scholarships are intended to advance professional opportunities by acquiring required certifications or licenses or through participation in national, state, or community leadership programs.  The funds are not used for college or university scholarships.

The Latina Empowerment Scholarship provides one-third of the cost of the leadership or certification program. The applicant must cover the remaining cost of the certification or program.  To be eligible, the HWNT member must:

  • Be a current paid HWNT member for a minimum of one year,
  • Be a member of an HWNT committee at the local or state level,
  • Submit a formal letter of interest to HWNT State Board via the HWNT Chair, and
  • Submit a copy of the application and acceptance notification from the leadership or professional development program.

For information contact the HWNT Chair, Erica Lopez at