Houston is the vibrant heart of Texas, where history and innovation intertwine in a beautiful dance of cultural diversity. HWNT Houston is a proud testament to the power of progress. Our city boasts remarkable advancements in the technology, healthcare, and energy sectors. Yet, it’s our rich tapestry of Hispanic heritage that truly sets us apart. Much like the resilient women we serve, our city is a symbol of strength, determination, and unyielding spirit. We believe in empowering Hispanic women to rise, to lead, and to make a difference. Because in Houston, we don’t just celebrate diversity—we thrive on it.

Visit our website at www.HWNThouston.org.

Join HWNT Houston and empower Hispanic women to lead, inspire, and create change. Participate in events, donate, or lend your voice. Every contribution uplifts our community. When one woman rises, we all rise. Join us— together, we are unstoppable.

Chapter Chair - Houston

Sandra Martinez