With over 32 years of service advancing Hispanic women in Texas in corporate and civic life, HWNT is proud to introduce the Legacy Fund.
The HWNT Legacy Fund will build upon the organization’s long history of empowering Latina women in such disciplines as education,
cultural fulfillment, and economic security. By elevating public awareness of the role of Hispanic women in society, business, and
family, HWNT celebrates the positive image and values of the rich Hispanic culture. The HWNT Legacy Fund serves as a philanthropic fund
designed to maximize our societal impact for future generations.

In order to meet our organizational demands and continue to develop programs and services into the future, we invite you to join us with
a gift to our Legacy Fund. Your tax-deductible donations help HWNT complete its valuable work in the community. Join us today by becoming
one of the first 100 women that helps raise $125,000 for these efforts. As a fiscally responsible custodian of your funds, please note
that HWNT will make an 8% annual disbursement of the Legacy Fund only if the fund maintains a minimum of $125,000.





By including HWNT in your estate planning, you’ll be supporting immediate program needs and fostering the long-term financial health
and growth of the HWNT organization. Your lasting contribution will both safeguard the legacy of Texas’ only statewide Latina
professional development organization in alignment with your personal, financial, and estate planning goals.

Please let us know by completing our Estate Intention Form alt. You may mail this form to:

Dora Trinidad-Campos
Executive Director
PO Box 327
Austin, TX 78767-0327

2) HWNT100 (Founder's Circle)

With the belief that when Hispanic women succeed, families and communities benefit, we invite you to consider joining the HWNT Legacy Fund
as a founding donor at a $1000 contribution level. With a $1000 financial commitment, you can be part of an elite Founder's Circle of donors
who invest in the strength and resilience of Hispanic women in our state.

Monthly reoccurring payments of $84 over a 12 month period can be made to reach the overall $1000 contribution level.

Thank you to the following HWNT100 Donors:

  • Lupe Morin
  • Sandra Garcia
  • Dora Trinidad-Campos
  • Nora Silva
  • Cris Solis Wilson
  • Amalia Rodriguez Mendoza
  • Mary Ann Kellam
  • Diana Pittman
  • Cecilia McKay
  • Patricia Garcia 
  • Valentina L. Trinidad

3) Legacy Fund PARTNER

There are many ways to partner with us to build a better community for all Hispanic women in Texas. Donations of any amount are warmly accepted.
Click below to donate.

Thank you to the following Legacy Fund Partners:

  • Ana Hernandez
  • Erica Lopez
  • Alicia Rascon
  • Dalilah Garcia





QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Please email Vanessa Fuentes, HWNT Vice-Chair of Development, at [email protected]