Dallas Latinas in Progress (LIP) Scholarship

HWNT has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships over the several years.  You can be one of the recipients.  To apply for a scholarship, you must be a Latina and a Senior in high school who has attended a minimum of three LIP Education Sessions of the HWNT Dallas Latinas in Progress (LIP) Education Series, in addition to meeting the requirements outlined in the application.  Click on the links below to apply.  DEADLINE to be announced.


 Scholarship Application


Reference Form  


All of the following are required for submission of a complete application for review by the HWNT Scholarship Committee.  


❑    Completed Application

❑    Essay 

❑    Official Transcript     

❑    Copy of SAT and/or ACT scores 

❑    Documentation for Community Service 

❑    Reference Form #1 

❑    Reference Form #2 

❑    Reference Form #3



The Scholarship Committee will review each application on an individual basis. Each application will be reviewed and scored by three or more members of the committee.  If a student has a mentor or a relative who is on the Scholarship Committee, the mentor or relative will not be allowed to evaluate that application.  The committee’s decisions will be final and reviewed by the Scholarship Chair prior to notification of any award recipient.  Failure to submit a complete Scholarship Application may cause the Scholarship Chair and/or committee to disqualify the application completely. 

Before funding occurs on a scholarship, All scholarship recipients must enroll for a minimum of twelve (12) college hours or vocational equivalent per semester (full-time student status.)  Provide proof of registration for the Fall and funds will be for tuition, books, and school-billed fees.  All funds are distributed in your name to the accredited institution administrative office you have chosen to attend. 

Scholarships will be awarded on a one-time basis for the upcoming school year and funds must be used within one calendar school year.  If a Scholarship recipient does not enroll or if withdraws from school during the time frame the scholarship was issued, any unused money will be returned to the Scholarship Fund of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas – Dallas Chapter.